When we moved into the Stilwerk in 1996, we asked ourselves what floor we should put in our showroom. Existing floors made from stone, tile, carpet and wood had so many disadvantages we opted not to use them. Our aim was to find a simple, noise-dampening, visually high-quality and light-fast floor. This led to the idea of using leather as a floor. We decided to use it in tile form.
The first leather floor tiles were developed from 100% butt leather. We very quickly realised that pure leather would not have the desired durability and easy handling as it needs a lot of care in addition to sealing in order for it to remain visually appealing.

After more than 10 years in development, we managed to present “Plancher” as a complete product for the private sector at Domotex in Cologne in January 2009.

For 10 years, “Plancher” has impressed with its durability, robustness, light-fastness and aesthetic appearance in our showroom in Hamburg’s Stilwerk as well as in our planning rooms at the Marco Polo Tower.

As “Plancher” is also visually perfect for the commercial sector, we have now realised a further development that meets the increased demands of this sector to a high degree: “Plancher Plus”.